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"Surf or Die. You can't control a wave, but you can ride it."

Chaos Emerald City
17 April
!!!, 17, 2012, 23, 322, a perfect circle, aaliyah, aesop rock, alan moore, amon tobin, b-boys, b-girls, babylon burning, battle royale, ben mack, bigg jus, bill hicks, breaking open the head, c-rayz walz, cage, cannibal ox, cartooning, chaos, chaos magic, chuck pahalnuik, collide, company flow, cosmic trigger, cowbell, curve, daniel pinchbeck, danny boyle, darren aronofsky, dave chappelle, david holmes, dead prez, death in vegas, deftones, deltron 3030, deoxy, disinformation, djs, dot allison, douglas rushkoff, el-p, erowid, esozone, evolution, fallen nation, fear and loathing, frequency23, goldfrapp, good sex, gorillaz, graffiti, grant morrison, hallucinogen, howard bloom, hunter s. thompson, imagination, immortal technique, infesticons, invader zim, james curcio, james maynard keenan, jean grae, jesus, join my cult!, kevin shields, leak bros, lorenzo hagerty, lozo, m. night shyamalan, m.i.a., machinima, majesticons, making fun of catholics, making fun of christians, making fun of mormons, making fun of scientologists, maynards dick, mc5, mcs, mike ladd, monster magnet, mouse on mars, nine inch nails, non phixion, ohm, ol' dirty bastard, orbital, paris, poker without cards, primal scream, promethea, prometheus rising, psilocybin, psychedelics, psychic tv, psychonaut, psychonauts, r.a.w., rejected, robert anton wilson, salvia, satan, seaguy, second life, shpongle, snow crash, soundgarden, spike lee, stanley kubrick, steven spielberg, suicide club, talib kweli, terence mckenna, the archaic revival, the boondocks, the coup, the cult, the filth, the fnords, the free association, the game, the invisibles, the metaverse, the oracle gatherings, the orb, the psychedelic salon, the rapture, the return of quetzalcoatl, throbbing gristle, timothy leary, tool, topy, transmetropolitan, trippin', true hallucinations, trusticons, tryptomines, two lone swordsmen, vimanarama, warren ellis, we3, will eisner, william gibson,